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Default Re: From beginning,, to middle (now),, to end(few more days)..!!

Hey sorry no other parts available right now, I swap and sell parts to a lot of the people that are local where I live. I also fix bikes here, theirs a lot of people in Maine that ride these bikes cause most people don't have licenses due to DUI's or are just poor.

Only reason I still have the reed is cause no one wanted it, you need to put a lot of work into your cylinder and piston to make it work right then there is jetting. If you screw it up you have to start all over again. This being one of the biggest reasons I didn't want to even bother with it after I read a lot about it.

Its always best to read about things before you buy them.

Its cheapest to do all the porting yourself but you can still buy pre-cut pistons and ported jugs on ebay but it will cost you some money.(More then I wanted to spend after I got the reed. Lol.)

Keep in mind its 32mm studs so it wont work if your intake is 40mm. Go ahead and message me when you want to buy it I'll keep an eye on my email. Talk to you later.
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