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Default Re: From beginning,, to middle (now),, to end(few more days)..!!

YEAH ,,,SUPER DEFINITELY WANT THE REED,,, PLEASE ..!! it works OK ,,right ??
why you selling it ??? are the reeds warped or cracked or something.... i am not being a rude jerk and sorry if it sounds that way,, i just got screwed fro one guy on here and almost another,, first guy sent me a fake photo of good looking 36 tooth sprocket so i bought it for $ten bucks and $3 in shipping,, when i got different sprocket then photo or was told it was warped a 6 in a row F@cked up teeth..

2nd guy almost tried selling me a compression head that he says he "MAKES" for $55 bucks and a $9 dollar Chinese tachometer for $25,, i did some research and he was selling the $35 RSE Compression 6cc head and saying it was his own..

so what brand reed is it and what else do i have to buy to hook it up right ??

I already know about the piston window and 3rd port running from bottom of intake up thru the top and stops at the transfer ports height,,

thank you for this if you are really trying to help me,,, i was thinking about getting the RSE reed the other day,, cause i have built a bolt on ready to run WALBRO CARBURETOR KIT with modified adapter heat icsolator block and tube and fitting for transfer port crankcase hole for pressure pulse going to carburetor fuel pump diaphragm and T-Fitting and fuel line reducers for fuel return line so its a closed loop system,, and spacial length bolts for CNC air filter venturi w/choke lever hook up .. bolts go thru everything and screw into existing intake mounting threads once 6mm studs are removed,, all gaskets included too,,,,

IF the WALBRO carb kit works good I am thinking about selling them in RTR Kits,, you want one ???? the RSE reed cage would work best if you wanted to use MY WALBRO KIT

please let me know all details and pictures asap,,,,thank you very very much
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