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Default Re: anyone else seeing a severe slow down in 2-stroke sales and service

Originally Posted by LandSpeedRecord View Post
We have piles of 4 strokes.
Did you buy a pallet?
I might be able to take a couple off your hands.

Tucson is a weird market in some ways.
Uber and the like might have some affect.
The competition building cheap crap is just that and always will be.
I have out lasted and out cheaped them a few times but it gets tiring no doubt.
Ya, the Old Pueblo has always been more laid back than Phoenix, just a big college town.

We push 4 strokes here from under $600 to $4000 and they move but slow.
I don't get the 2 stroke love here but it is probably left over from the spookytooth days.
So I go with what sells and keep developing new and better parts and techniques.
I've never built a $4K bike, a couple ~$3500 builds, but that was mostly due to the bike and/or batteries cost.

Innovate on my fellow 'Zonie as some of the coolest builds are forged in brutal heat ;-}
KC's Krusiers Builds
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