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Default Re: anyone else seeing a severe slow down in 2-stroke sales and service

I agree with everything stated previously, it's a tough time for free time outside work too. I moved from a rural hillside community to a small city in the East Bay and I was expecting to see more people out and about in the streets, but other than at parks there aren't many people out on the roads or coastal trails. I'm not complaining, lol, but it seems to me that everyone is working a lot to make a living and save money because the future seems very unstable nationally and globally. If you have dependents, cars, motorcycles, or a mortgage, those things take priority. Heck, I've been working so much that I can't keep up with keeping my cars washed, and I'm really having to make time when I'm overtired just to go out and ride. I've also had 3 custom bikes up for sale at the cost of parts for about a year now with no committed buys, many offers for trades. I understand my bikes aren't kits so need a mechanically inclined person to maintain, maybe all the mechanics are busy working as much as they can like I am.
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