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Default Re: anyone else seeing a severe slow down in 2-stroke sales and service

Originally Posted by LandSpeedRecord View Post
I'm hoping it's partly the weather.
This is my second summer since going full time at this but we are seeing 115 plus this summer which I haven't seen before.
I haven't dropped that much but I am definitely feeling it too in the local market.
I think you can thank Uber and Lyft for the decline.
Why own any dirty pain in the ass machine when you can catch a ride to anywhere whenever you want and not drive/ride?

Millennial Heaven.

Thankfully I changed my target audience to the last of us Boomers and aging Gen-X'ers that want something cool, unique, and easy to maintain and operate personal transportation.

2-stroke repairs and new business has really dropped off for me too.
Everyone and their brother are putting up crap cheap builds for sale, usually what they make junk that wears out quick that won't run.

But I can't keep parts in stock for the new 4-Stroke systems I am building so businesses is booming for me even in 115F heat ;-}

In short, if you want to make building MB's a business, learn how to build something other than 2-stroke is my recommendation ;-}
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