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Default Re: anyone else seeing a severe slow down in 2-stroke sales and service

Crassius you have helped so many people so this slow down Is a bummer and sad to.hear of this extreme drop in biz.. I wonder how the big vendors are doing in sales numbers? They maybe growing for all I know. Other small vendors here please weigh in. I my guess is its many things combined like: not in any order

More DIY how to Youtube
Hot weather
Lower fuel costs
Huge increase in competitors
Novelty wearing off a bit
People continue to be strapped for disposable income
Copycat sales sites and more of them ( where to advertise is growing and spread thinner.
Craig's list does have many competitors now
Better kits
More people using eBay and online
Forums like this

So what worked in the past may not be working.
Most small business are struggling for either profit or sales, most both.
Even restaurants are hurting for weekday customers. But seems to me that in many northern states motorized bicycles are never seen. I've never even seen one except for the ones I've built. So it's a virgin market in many states.
Lots more complete bike and motor kits DIY being sold in complete packages on line. People are not afraid of assembly they are afraid on what parts to buy.
I am probably sticking my head in the grinder here but...Might need to change efforts to get business. Many wont cost you a penny till you sell something, but you can use any free downtime to:
Trying other ad venues, more ads, get your exact location listed on your forum profile so members can use you, small free temporary road signs, post a you tube vid, different ads, get a free web site put together like wix, get nice biz cards and sprinkle small stacks at other service business and restaurants around town with a new modern logo and look, sell one really good complete DIY unassembled kit online that you endorse and brag about it. try eBay listing selling good quality engine kits and brag about it, run a ad on this forum.find someone to get you more involved in the dreaded but important. Social media. Maybe stop servicing bikes and and use time to move towards more mail order biz. again just takes time not money up front. I don' know but creativity will go a long way in getting you more business for sure.
Somebody with your vast knowledge in this speciality market could and should be thriving...but the world is changing so fast it's scary. Either way just as its a bunch of s if you want more. No doubt its small things eroding your and others doing the same service business and it will be a bunch of small things to get it back for you despite them. Who knows it could get better than its ever been. Hope this encourages you a tiny bit at least. Keep us posted.
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