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Default Re: Would anyone but me buy a smaaler still China Girl?

The more I play with these Chinese HT motors, the more I like them.

I have a 48cc and am happy with the power.
Instead of going for speed, think of it as a "help-motor" like Ludwig suggests.
I can easily get 50kms to a litre running full speed and I can double that by shutting it off and doing my part when the pedaling is easy.

This motor is in a shifter bike and I just had a freewheel failure (it stripped the pedal thread). This totally incapacitated the bike. Could not even pedal home! There is a lot to be said in favour of simplicity.

48cc motor, single speed, 410 chain, on a weight reduction plan will make for a fine lightweight, economical ride.

That's a mighty noisy bike you got there, it must haul a lot of ass?
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