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Default Re: Leather covered solo seat

Next, ran by Tandy Leather. They didn't have any scraps of heavy leather like I wanted, so I settled on a scrap piece of goat leather. Might end up finding I needed a thicker piece, but since I've never tried this sort of deal, figured it was a good place to start. Plus, the piece was 20 bones, right up my alley, and which I quickly found is pretty cheap for a leather store! I had been dreaming of one of the thick, alligator embossed pieces, but a smallish piece was almost $80, so I made do with goat. The piece I got also had enough to be able to squeeze out at least three covers, maybe four. If this one isn't too painful to sit on, and holds up, I'm going to try and burn a design into the next one before application.

So, just a matter of giving around 2" of clearance on all sides, and cutting it out. I ruined my first piece attempting to soak the piece in water for 10 min, then in hot for 30 seconds to be able to stretch it over the pan, and have it harden. Not sure if it was the goat leather itself, or what, but the damn thing shrank down to about half size, so I am going with unsoaked leather this time! I stretched the piece over the pan, and clamped it overnight. Not sure if that did anything, but it seemed to settle into place, maybe was just my imagination.

Using Barge cement, I first put down a strip on the center, waited 10 minutes, then pressed it down, and re-clamped the nose. Followed with each side. Up next, gonna heat up my awl, and punch through the lip of the pan for the final stitching! Anyone has any advice, I'd be happy to hear it!
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