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Default Leather covered cruiser seat

Hey everyone. Been riding my sled a lot, and was wanting to get some sort of leather covered seat, in that sort of bobber-chopper-solo-pan type. I have a lowrider style Felt Bixby, and I want a seat in that sort of style. Looked all over the web, and couldn't find anything, ( has the closest, but their store has been down a while), and since my welding and metalworking skills are nil, I figured I'd make my own, and document the process here! I'm missing a couple pics at the beginning, but I'll do my best to explain what I did: I have a feeling my ass may suffer for sitting on the bare leather-covered seat, so perhaps my second try will be padded a hair. ��

First, had the seat to my first frame (Schwinn Del Mar, catastrophic frame failure, swapped to the much more substantial Felt). Removed the staples holding the vinyl cover, and pulled the foam off. Mine has the sort of rubber donut springs. Not crazy about the look, but wanted to see if I could actually make something I liked, then keep my eyes out for a cooler seat base.
After removing the padding, I was faced with the first two issues: the pan had a large hump running down the center, and two circular chunks of plastic which supported the springs.
I used my heat gun to flatten the seat pan, heating then putting a block of wood down on it and stomping while pouring water down to set it, as well as using spring clamps to pull the nose a bit flatter. During that time, the top parts got a little "melty", so I used that to my advantage and heated the two cylindrical parts, and scraped at them with the wood. After cooling, I sanded the surface with my orbital sander, which brings us about up to speed! You can see where the two little cylinders were, as well as gouges where I got too heavy-handed with the plastic.
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