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Default Re: plug wire

In addition to the above advice you need to know that where the wire goes into the CDI there is a small threaded protrusion that looks like a sheetmetal screw poking up from the inside. While you're digging the glue out to remove the wire be very careful and do not damage that screw.

As for the wire, I see ne need to replace it. The ignition wire that comes in the kits is a metallic conductor wire that is superior to most of what you'll get from an auto parts store today. They sell resistance wire and the higher the resistance the less current to the plug. If you decide to use resistance wire you should know that there is no metal conductor to thread onto the screw in the CDI. You'll need to find the exact center of the wire as you thread it in.

The spark plug boot that is in most kits is the weakest link. It should be replaced with one made to snap onto the top of a spark plug as opposed to that silly spring thing that is supposed to hold onto the threads on the top of the kit plug. Ask for a spark plug boot at the parts store. They come in straight design, or angled. One with a 90 degree design works well.

Good luck.
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