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Default Re: From London Ontario

Sorry I didn't reply sooner VBN...have not browsed this part of the forum in a few days.

It's nice to meet another motorized bicycle fan from London on here, I do think we are a rare breed as I've not seen or heard any mention of motorized bicycles in our wonderful forest city. That was quite the ride you pulled off last year, it's a bugger it didn't end as expected though. You'll have to go for it again this season and pack some spare LED's this time around Be interesting to see how you make out with converting your Giant, also be interesting to see how you fare too with regards to registering it as a motorized bicycle with the MTO. I've looked into this somewhat because in Ontario we can build and then register custom vehicles with the MTO but the one big kicker going against it ever being considered a motorized bicycle (moped) by the MTO is the manual clutch our conversion engines use. The manual clutch alone puts our converted bikes into the realm of "custom motorcycle" and then of course that opens up other registration catch 22's such as tail, brake and signal lights, license plate light, hi and low beam head light, keyed ignition, horn, mirrors, wheelbase, seat height, GVW and much much more when it comes time to have an MTO safety standards certificate issued. Personally I think it's lame that we have so many rules working against us with regards to our flavor of power assisted bicycle...I mean if one builds a gas engine power assisted bike that's geared to go no faster than an electric powered power assisted bicycle and rode in a responsible manner whats the big deal? If we gear our creation to stay within the 32k speed limit imposed on E bikes the only real difference between us and them is range, weight and the grades we can climb without assistance. IMHO a bike converted with any of the available gas engine kits is a superior, cheaper and safer alternative to any E bike...factory built or home brew! I've tested a few electric bikes that were priced from 500 to well over 1000 and with each one I tested I was not impressed! The weight of an E bike was the thing that bothered me most when I tried to pedal one at a reasonable pace without power. I felt very insecure in traffic on a heavy and inherently slow E bike that had no power! The range is the second issue I had, for me 40-50k per charge is just not enough and lugging around a second set of batteries compounds the weight and cost issue. Best we can hope for I guess is that maybe our governments will come around one day and see things as clearly as we do.

Anyway cheers and I hope to meet up with you sometime for a ride this summer...maybe we can check out some scenic country side on our MB's
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