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Default Re: anyone else seeing a severe slow down in 2-stroke sales and service

I don't have much insight into just what is going on in this particular market.

But I'm reminded of a time, more than ten buy probably less than fifteen years ago, when I was in business and my income was generated by the invoices I handed to my customers. Most of them were small businesses. The very largest had several locations, but fewer than a dozen employees at each.

One August everybody, almost literally everybody, stopped paying. It happened practically overnight. They were all independent of each other. There was no way in the world that this was coordinated. I went through a pretty thin fall that year. Making far more phone calls than normal, squeezing payment out of these folks.

Their shops didn't look less busy than normal. When I'd ask, "How's business?" I'd get pretty much the same answers as I'd always gotten.

I never did figure out just what kind of shock ran through my market. Not to say that my market never went soft of me. It had happened a few times. This one just felt different.

Maybe you're going through something like that. Something that, in the end, just isn't explainable.

I hope you have good luck, in any case.
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