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Default Re: The moment gas bikes because obsolete

Originally Posted by Tyler6357 View Post
Respectfully, the problem with electric is the same as it's always been: batteries. (1) They are insanely expensive for decent ones, they are the most expensive part of the bike, and (2) they burn out, especially if you don't use them often. Ironically, if you use them often (constantly burning them out and recharging them) they they will often times last longer than if you let them sit unused for 6-8 months but just like every battery ever made, they go dead over time. You probably should can keep a current running through them during storage especially if you are only a occasional rider.
Battery's can be very over priced, it's true, but now days they don't have to be. I would recommend staying away from production eBikes that are made in such a way that it would be difficult to replace the battery with anything except for the stock factory battery. Stock factory battery's that you have to buy from the eBike manufacturer are generally the most overpriced ones.

Home made kit bikes, and certain factory eBikes such as my Storm and Stealth Bomber don't have this limitation. Both of my eBikes just have a large battery box area that allow a lot of possibility's for battery replacement.

Long life lithium battery's are becoming quite reasonably priced, and prices are dropping fast. I'm now on my third year of my Stealth battery, and it's lost about 1ah of it's original 18ah. By the time I need a replacement, I'll be able to buy an aftermarket battery of much larger capacity than stock, for less then half the price.

Of course if you don't ride much there is danger of the battery becoming damaged if it's not maintained properly, but all battery's suffer from this kind of abuse.

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