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Default Re: 20" KTMc GP Socal Racer

Originally Posted by Wild Bill View Post
Thanks 16v4.

John Doe, It was a 24" adult BMXer that I lengthened the front triangle for a longer wheelbase and increased the front rake and went to 20" wheels. The fairing will be used and is easy to duck behind. The seat happens to be 28" at the moment but may change if needed the first time on the track. And none of the bike is for looks, Im building it to race in the Socal Motor Bicycle Racing series to replace my current race bike.
That is so cool, I have see ware people will do that to cars, (Ricers) but it's nice to see that the fairings is not just for looks. Are you worried about touching knee, and what top speed are you expecting? Also when/ware are these races?

John Doe
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