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Default Re: anyone else seeing a severe slow down in 2-stroke sales and service

Possible market saturation in your local area? Just yesterday I was driving home and saw 2 guys trying to sell a bike so another guy so I got my bike and headed over there to talk. And before that, a couple people have asked me about my bike. I just think it's the local area you're in. Before me, there was nobody that had these bikes. As soon as I started riding around, I see copycats popping up and even on craiglist there are people selling.

Also keep in mind gas prices have come down substantially from the highs, be patient and give it another year- I believe after this year's election the gas prices will rise no matter who gets elected due to the EU political drama and US political drama.

Also don't forget, theres sites like this one, that make it real easy to learn everything to build it yourself and the people that would ride these sorts of bikes, are the type of people that like fiddling with stuff and being an oddball to begin with.
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