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Default Brand New Member, Years Old Kit

Hi. I searched YouTube for motorized bicycles, and your website came up. I must say, I wasn't expecting an entire community dedicated to these things!

A few years ago, a friend of my father's game me one of the 2-stroke kits. I meant to set it up, but it came with no directions... I don't even know if all of the parts are there. The kit has been used, but I was told "not very much."

I'd love to get the kit working--school is a couple miles away and it would be more fun on a motorized cycle than boring pedal power. I tried google searching for a manual, but I couldn't find one...

Could anybody e-mail me a manual? Also, before I start working on the thing, are there are preparations that should take priority? I know very little about engine maintenance. Is sitting for that long damaging to it? Do I need to oil it? (the disassembled engine is literally sitting in parts in a cardboard box...possibly with fuel still in the tank.)

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