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Default Re: The moment gas bikes because obsolete

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
I'll admit it IS hard to imagine any kind of electric with the range and convenience of My Pig.
Power is NOT a problem for can have BACKFLIP torque at your command, but not for long....
Most china girls aren't back flip capable though, so for comparison sake we can give up the back flip capability, and just have the range. Comparing an average china girl to an electric bike like my modified Storm, the comparison is valid. Both can have similar performance capability's.

My modified Storm has numerous advantages over a china girl for daily commuting. Probably the biggest being dependability. Well sorted electrics tend be rock dependable. It usually took me weeks of trial and error to make my china girls dependable, but vibration still takes it's toll.

You can take an electric on a commuter train, and in a lot of cases you can take inside your workplace. The last time I went to get a haircut I parked my bike inside the barber shop. I've ridden a lot of organized bicycle rides that end at bars where they allow us to bring our bikes inside. You can keep your electric inside your house at night.

Another big advantage especially for commuting is being able to ride under power on city bike trails, and sidewalks. I always felt like I needed to kill my engine on my china girls. We're talking about basic acceptability.

All I see are the same old complaints that I myself used to subscribe too.

No range
Too slow
Cost to much, and

What I've learned is if you know what you're doing, none of these complaints are valid anymore, and this is only the beginning of the rise of the electric bikes. Very soon the advantages of electrics will be so overwhelming that not only will most of us avid motor bicyclers be moving on to them, but we're going to see thousands of currently non riders flooding into this market. As a matter of fact that's already happening. A common theme of the 4000 plus member Storm owners group is where people report they haven't ridden in years, but the idea of an affordable electric bicycle made them decide to throw caution to the wind, and now they're glad they did.
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