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Looks like I'm gonna be building my own wheels after all. I got some heavy duty worksman rims and I'm gonna be ordering some 11 gauge spokes as soon as I figure out what size I need. Just rebuilt the brakes this morning with new pads and put on some new cables. I also got a second motor with the crank I needed and swapped that over (still haven't tested with the new crank), and stripped off all the pieces I don't need off the motor. I'll post some pictures once I make any noticeable progress with it. I'm thinking as a temporary motor mount, I'm gonna use some angle iron clamped to the frame till I get around to cutting some custom mounts and getting those welded on. I might also have to file down the torque converter sprocket so it fits a 415 chain as opposed to the 420 since the rear sprocket takes 415
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