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Cool From Russia with love

Hello everyone! I'm a motorcycle enthusiast from Moscow, who recently sold his 650ccm beemer to start a new two-wheeled-hobby. Me and my old friend have recently purchased a couple of frames to build fancy motorized bikes. It happened so we both choose Nirve B-1 because of a reasonable price and it's construction which allows to mount a gas tank in a nice way.

It's my first bike ever built, so I'm trying to think real - no rush, no race for the horsepower, wrenching by myself and so on. Actually I'd like to buy one of those great kits from DAX or GasBike, but the delivery costs to Russia is almost the same as the kit itself. So we're buying raw Chinese 'F80' kits from one of the many dealers here in Moscow. Well, thanks God we're able to buy them relatively cheap: it's almost $160 for a freaky kit including all those cylinders full of metal crap and of course original rear sprocket mount, if you know what I mean. Anyway, no doubt it's a good kit to start building my first motorized bicycle!

I'm glad to be here and hope I won't bother you all too much with my newbie questions. I'll be happy if someone would help me to find information on F80/60cc engines, especially on what's needed to be done to the raw engine, before the first start.

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