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Default Re: My 1st motor is on it's way & I need help!!

The fuel line and filter really isn't bad if you store your bike inside it does harden over time but it doesn't matter really. I've been using the stock line for ages and its never cracked. Buy jets because these motors never run right out of the box. Put them in as you go and use your chain tensioner for a little while till the chain finishes stretching then break the chain to fit snug with about 1/2 slack and then throw away the stock chain tensioner. Yes for sure get a NGK B8HS.

After you finish your build then you can start changing things like exhaust and heads for compression. You will need to re jet after some aftermarket parts are added. While your at if you should tear the top end of your engine off and port the intake and exhaust now so you don't need to do it later. You just need cheap needle files. Also it helps to clean the casting in the transfer ports just in case there's any loose debris in there that can come loose and it will help flow, its a pain so you wont be able to port it much just clean it up.

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