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Default WHAT MOTOR DO I HAVE and IS 38mm or 40mm stroke better ?

I ordered a SILVER FLYING HORSE (i think its the same as the SILVER SLANT but with CNC motor mount)) KIT from GASBIKE,,I was surprized that the engine came with a real clean looking cylinder (not to much cleaning to be done with dremel,, little ridge in square transfer ports)).. it has the ZAE 80 connect rod, the smaller piston with wristpin in center and .60 domed piston,, slant head, my cylinder has a thicker base then other cylinders I see,,, which is good cause it acts like running two base gaskets which raises exhaust port an transfers,,, I can still see about 2mm of the piston skirt thru intake port at TDC,,, **(should i grind the piston skirt on intake side and how much if i am starting with a 2mm overlap))**???? motor has wider wristpin bearing,,, the magneto is dated with the year 10, 4 holes not the old six and three wiries black ,,blue,,white,,.. is this a GT5 engine,, has good power ,,, but with 44 tooth sprocket I max out at 34.7mph confirmed with speedo, gps, and friends car,,,but my cheap $10 hour// tachometer says like 1400 rpms at idle 2500-3000 at 25 mph and a top 4200 rpms at flat out wide open flat road 34.7 mph....wont rev any higher... what is the difference between pistons and 38mm and 40mm stroke engines,,,which is better...and what is my top RPMs supposed to be with BANNANA PIPE, RSE head and all i have done is port match and bottom case match and gasket match and raised exhaust port up 1.5mm and widened the exhaust and intake ports 1.5mm on each side... thats it....please help answer all these questions,,, sorry its alot
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