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Default Re: Oversized (80+) jets, where or how?

Originally Posted by Tony01 View Post
just use a drill press. Hand drilling is fine for personal use, but then giving advice on jet size and how to hand drill it is just adding to the larger unwanted part of the Internet, garbage in garbage out. Nobody knows least of all the guy hand drilling what size it actually is.

Here's a carbide set of numbered drills, these won't follow a hole as much as HSS and they'll bore it, need a drill press for these for sure but yeah got sizes bigger than what you need in jumps of .001 which is two jet sizes

The first link is mostly useless, it increases mostly by .05mm, again that's not ideal for getting a custom 83 jet, or 87.
Your second link is quite a bit more in line with the idea I already provided, cutting, measuring with a caliper ect...
However the second link says "let's use drill bits!" which is not the point, I own the set in the first link, not effective in all cases, second link just proves I had a point.

I don't even use pin vices! Stop mentioning it like it was part of the threads point. And of you look through an assortment of pins you'll find a pin with a diameter correspondening to a jet size, usually very quickly, once you get used to looking at it, then prep is easy and you can cut jets on the fly, even on the side of the road with nothing but said appropriate pin and a screw driver, it's just that easy.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
On the contrary. The reason this forum was created was to help members have a running, reliable motorized bicycle. Many of them have limited mechanical knowledge or experience. We strive to offer help and advice, share thoughts and "advancements" in the hobby. Nevertheless we don't want to see a new builder overwhelmed with technical information that is out of his/her reach and be discouraged.

When alternatives to a given and time tested procedure are offered it might be a good idea to explain that it isn't absolutely necessary and a simpler solution is available.

If you want to continue this discussion I suggest you contact me via a PM.

As far as less mechanically inclined folks go, don't be talking about defending their inabilities and then talk about pin vices and then defend members who are posting links describing exactly my so called advanced techniques, all in the same thread buddy.

Anyone who's in need of an 80+ jet had to of done interpersonal modification of said motor just for it to require that jet! Jesus I think if they pulled that off they can use a needle, caliper, and a drill.

Common sense people, it's free, use it.

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