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Default Re: Oversized (80+) jets, where or how?

Originally Posted by Frankenstein View Post
Not sure if he was advocating an advance technique, I think he was explaining it. He even stated he'd rather buy them then make them.

Is there a specific problem you guys have with sharing thoughts and solutions or promoting the advancement of current technology on this forum?
On the contrary. The reason this forum was created was to help members have a running, reliable motorized bicycle. Many of them have limited mechanical knowledge or experience. We strive to offer help and advice, share thoughts and "advancements" in the hobby. Nevertheless we don't want to see a new builder overwhelmed with technical information that is out of his/her reach and be discouraged.

When alternatives to a given and time tested procedure are offered it might be a good idea to explain that it isn't absolutely necessary and a simpler solution is available.

If you want to continue this discussion I suggest you contact me via a PM.

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