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Default Re: I read a lot about.........

Well that Pizza Hut commercial was really something different, wasn't it? I have a pretty good memory for advertising from that era. Yet that one doesn't ring a bell at all. Maybe they hadn't expanded into my market yet. I do remember them being around as early as the early 1970s. About the same time as 'your local AMC-Jeep dealer", for instance.

But back to the main topic. I commute on my motored-bike. If it were the only two-wheeled vehicle I had, then I'd be happy to commute on it everyday. My commute is six miles, one way. I'd consider ten miles to be about my maximum. Though maybe I could tolerate a bit more if needed. And individuals will vary, of course.

But you're mention of a stretch of road that is motorized bicycle unfriendly has me worried. This might not be the vehicle for you when you add this plus your fairly long commute.
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