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Default Re: Oversized (80+) jets, where or how?

I'm not complicating anything. Jets don't exactly exist readily after 80, some people need more than 80 to keep the engine running from running lean and all the crap that comes with it. So this is how you make it bigger, and I can do it in under 5 minutes exactly when I need to and while the bikes being tested I can cut 2 more, one a size larger and the other smaller.

Me and my cheapo macbastardo friends have great running bikes, enjoy the art of drinking beer, and are happy. That's what happens when you get a welder, an expert on fasteners, a bearing chain and sprocket specialist, racing fuel technician, a watch builder's apprentice, old and new time mechanic, and a former dental reconstructionist and marine core engineer all together in a big group and toss in a few happy time motors.

It's not about being complicated, it's about advancement. But I guess if we all had the "it's good enough" mentality then we'd still be stuck in the stone age with our brass wrist pin bushings, good thing using a roller bearing wasn't considered too complicated...
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