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Default Re: Oversized (80+) jets, where or how?

Originally Posted by Tony01 View Post
Or.. You could just buy a drill set with every size for $20.. Even HF has a micro drill set for $4 but not many different sizes. Only thing is that these micro drills like to spin in excess of 15000 rpm, so whatever you got that spins fast use it.

Also I wouldn't do all that drilling and tapping. It's a disposable motor anyway.
20 dollars for every size micro bit in increments of 100ths of a millimeter? Please do share, all I find are sets with increments of 0.03-0.05, makes for difficult jet work when all I can make is 63 65 73 75 83 85 93 95 ect... I must be missing something or that something doesn't exsist formally at 20 dollars unless you have an additional 200 to throw towards it

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