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Default I read a lot about.........

.........commuters. I'm interested in how far some people commute on your moto-bikes. I'm asking because my wife and I have enjoyed the luxury of a third vehicle. Well we all know that we're going through the post recession years of an inflated economy. Those of you who lived in the '70s know what I'm talking about. Tired of supporting a vehicle that gets less than a couple thousand on it a year. So we're getting rid of it. Which will hurt because we're so used to just jumping into the extra car when one of the main ones is in the shop. I drive thirty miles one way. That's on the back roads, with one hairy stretch of state highway that I'd rather not be on with a moto- bike. Especially since it's heavily patrolled by state police as a speed trap area. Plus Pa rules are very vague pertaining to moto-bikes.
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