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Default New Project

I'm just starting to gather parts for a new project I'm starting on. It's going to be a bike similar to the ones msrfan builds, on an old Columbia frame with a Briggs 5hp squeezed in with moped front fork, hubs, and controls. I haven't started any actual work yet, but I picked up the frame and a parts moped yesterday (which I just realized probably won't work). It's gonna have a torque converter and probably rope start (not recoil) and should hopefully go really fast. I think I'm gonna make it look kind of like a dirt bike with pointed bobbed fenders and a loud exhaust. I know I don't want to use the stock carb on the 5 horse, so what carbs are a good fit for a stock engine? And is there an off the shelf intake for a motor mounted at about 45 degrees? I'll post some pictures as I start building it, hopefully soon.
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