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Default Re: Stoked In San Diego!

Hey KCVale,

Thanks for the heads up on the spacing! Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks! ha!

Nice looking bike with the powder coat, I'll end up doing something soon, called a guy that paints motorcycles and quoted me $250 would take 5-8 days to complete, so that's on pause until I buy another one to ride in the meantime while that one gets completed.

But good looking out on the advice def. appreciated! Do have a question though the bolts for the exhaust muffler where is a good place to get them and how long. I took my exhaust off mine the other night to check it out and the bolts were threaded half way on each side, thought about just chopping it in half and using the remainder if there's enough room.

Also been looking at SickBikeParts Air Filter think I'm going to pull the plug on that at the same time, hoping to get some more speed, right now cruising at 25-27 mph.
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