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Default Re: frames, rims, tires, etc.

Originally Posted by s1rvr15 View Post
A few days late, but don't go with steel rims. Pretty much everything TheNecromancer13 said; additionally, I recommend Continental Gatorskin tires, $50 apiece, but are puncture resistant and good for many miles. As for frame, if you're going cheaper brands (Huffy, Scwhinn, et cetera) go for steel, but a quality frame (Trek, Felt, even Surly), aluminum or steel works (if doing aluminum, put padding between mounts and the frame, otherwise the vibration can damage the frame). Personally, I love the Trek 820: great steel frame, good components (Bontrager and Shimano), and relatively cheap. Plus you don't need to do any wheelbuilding or bare frame assembly.
Trek 820 is an amazing frame for motorizing, although I'd have to advise against the gatorskin tires. Although they are good bike tires and will last many, many miles, they are somewhat lacking in traction. I tried putting them on a bike I had once and discovered that if I tried to accelerate too fast I would do a burnout, and god forbid there was any debris in the road, I would lose traction really fast.

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