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Originally Posted by drag_bike View Post
that you mention gears....
is gear hubs strong to hold a 212 modified?
or i should relay on the shift kit from sbp?
They are the same thing.
You use the shift kit to move your power output to the right side and use the bicycles gears.

Doubtful bicycle parts will handle a 212cc engine.

If you want to put motorcycle power on something, put it on a motorcycle frame.... with pedals to stay kinda-legal ;-}

That was just an 86cc 4-stroke semi-auto 4-speed engine and it was a rocket.

The point is, all the parts are deigned for motorcycle engines and their power, most bicycles are not.

That MotoPed frame is rated for 250cc if memory serves, but a moot point, your engine wouldn't fit it and it was ~$2500 delivered completely disassembled.

If you are bound and determined to use that engine please put it in a sturdy bikes with great brakes.
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