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Default Re: Chain Shreds Tensioner Pulley

Originally Posted by Graham View Post
Problem: my bike chain is shredding up the pulley that came with the kit. Its properly tensioned (not too loose/tight) but still the links (master link especially) are carving it up and getting plastic gummed up in the works. Suggestions?
Alignment of the chain and sprockets is essential. If you're seeing abnormal wear on the tensioiner pully, or any other part, start by making sure the chain and sprockets all align perfectly. As for the plastic wheel, many of us have abandoned the plastic for polyureathane skate board wheels. You need access to a lathe or some method of cutting a groove in the surface of the skateboard wheel wide enough to allow the chain to run through it without binding. Most skateboard wheels have bearings instead of bushings and will run for many miles without problems. There are some very good threads here devoted to the tensioner modifications that will get you out of trouble. Use the search feature and read up on chain tensioners. Hope this helps.
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