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Default Re: Best Wiring & Cable Practices

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
The best mod, and what makes a clean looking bike, is hiding that ugly cdi box.
You do great looking builds bairdco, I enjoy your build posts.

I totally agree that the ignition system is the hardest thing to make look good, darn hard actually and the first thing I look at with any build.

We are swaying off the cable topic but what the heck, it's related....
Make it look pretty, and maybe more ;-}

What all of them have in common is the stock wiring is replaced right from the magneto with 16g double insulated black cable, and then I cap the top of the CDI with a special box to hide the connection to the CDI wires.

But by special, I mean it's just big enough to fit a keylock too...

The keylock switch simply shorts out the magneto wires like your kill button.

Turn the key, the engine won't start.
The box is epoxied to the top of the CDI.
The the CDI wires are cut down hard wired to the maneto.
Break the box off and the epoxy takes the last of the CDI wires with it.

Even if some thug makes off with your ride it won't be with engine power.
It may never run for him, it' not like he can just buy a new CDI and plug it in, the wire coming out of the engine has red and white wires and no connections on it ;-}
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