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Default Re: Everyone THAT LOVES BIKES HELP!

Well I'd build one if I thought I could. Then again I'd build a new house with a pool if I could. I guess house builders across America would want there "cut" Fact is I'm disabled and live on a fixed income and to buy one ,well but it this way I'd have to go without food for 6 weeks or so..... Do they give a senior discount, AARP..? Nope I'd have to go it on my own. Now don't take offence.. Cause I'd BUY ONE if I could but thats not in the cards. Thats why I got 4 burned up engines from Dax (for 40 dollars) and rebuilt mine and got another full summer out of it and it still runs , if a bit slow, but ya do what you can........the problem with a rebuild H/T is the cheep flash chrome job that makes up the factory jug. It can't be bored out so your stuck there. I'm a disabled machine mechanic and built or rebuilt my wheels . I drilled and installed a different hub,three speed and 11g spokes. There's a guy selling H/D wheels on this site but I ain't got 170 dollars for wheels either.I was tired of broken spokes so I built my own thank you.......geezzo peezo I wish I could build a new car!!! Tom
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