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Default Re: Best Wiring & Cable Practices

If you look thru a bunch of my old threads and the pictures on my profile page, you'll get some good ideas. I can't link posts or post pics from my phone (I mean, I could, but it'd take forever.)

Throttle cables can be (and should be) shortened. There's a sticky thread on that.

I came up with a clutch cable mod using a "brake noodle" (also a sticky thread.)

The best mod, and what makes a clean looking bike, is hiding that ugly cdi box.

Mount it under the motor on the seat tube. You need to shorten and resolder the wires, and get a longer plug wire, but it really looks great when you get rid of all that crap that's usually just ziptied to the downtube with all haphazardly.

Here's my racebike. No visible wires, clean, short cables, and no zipties.
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