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Default Re: Best Wiring & Cable Practices

Originally Posted by ezrider View Post
Always here about getting wires and cables out of the way, but thats not good enough. Could use a good photo that could save me alot of hassles and headaches in the future.
I think I can help, I pride myself with my cable work as nothing bugs me more than sloppy cables.

About the only cable you can't size is a 2-stroke throttle, it has a connector on each end, otherwise it's a barrel connector on one end, and nothing on the other.

It's the outer sheath you size to fit, but you need a cable cutter like this to do it so you don't mess up the end, and then put a new end back on it.

It all starts at the handlebars with ALL pull cables connected to they levers, including the bikes brakes and gears, unhook everything they connect to, then use temp 'zip-ties' to make it 'look pretty' in front as you test fit.

I just use bread twist ties at this stage.

Temp fit all cables along your bike where they look the best until you get their ends to determine how much outer sheath you need to cut off each one.

You asked for example pics...
Heck, my sig link has over a hundred so I'll just show a couple really hard ones ;-}

With 4-stroke engines it even easier, even the throttle cable be cut.

The trick with cutting a pull cable is to pull as much as you will need hanging out the end from the barrel side so when you cut it, you can push it back in and have enough for what it hooks to.

Hope that helps you build better looking bikes, it works for me ;-}
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