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Default Re: Everyone THAT LOVES BIKES HELP!

Originally Posted by perplexium View Post
I am a college student that rides 35 miles round trip to school 5 days a week. I want to purchase a Shifter kit from sick bikes but i cant afford it. I was wondering, I am a welder and the parts are not that hard to find to make one. I would just need help with the front hub set up. If there is anyone that can step by step guide me through the building of the hub I would much appreciate it. You can post directly to this page or you can email to me directly but why not help those who want to do the same by posting it here. I don't think its right that Sick Bike get all the money for a hub kit that was designed in the 70s. So guys and gals if you know how to effectively build the front hub I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks again Matt.
First of all I must ask that you cease and desist using my avatar and my images without asking permission. Strange thing is - I may have actually granted permission if you asked first.

Second, clotho and the other folks answered better than I could for most aspects.

Third, we certainly did not invent a front freewheel. On the other hand have we actually claimed that we did? Did we invent a jackshaft? No. Are we claiming we did? No. But to say "Sick Bike get all the money for a hub kit that was designed in the 70s." Is just so patently wrong on so many levels. I just want to state absolutely that there was no shift kit designed in the 1970's. That's just a crock. On another level, if you think we get all the money, you are living in a fantasy world......but let's take this at another level. Let's say we make a profit on the kits. Is that a bad thing? You don't seem to think it's "right". you are anticapitalism (fine, in style, I guess) - But on the other hand you seem to think there should be no bounds, ie a free market on other people's ideas, graphics, etc......

So to this I say, knock yourself out! Have a great day.

PS We were first, the China company is trying to steal from us as well - that kit pictured is OUR kit!!!.
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