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Default Re: Everyone THAT LOVES BIKES HELP!


Let me be certain I have this straight. You want to copy (ie. steal) their idea and you want us as a community to help you with it? I don't think that is going to fly.

If you are keen to argue that your proposal isn't theft please try to put yourself in the other parties shoes and imagine:

You have an original idea for a speaker system for your bicycle. You then spend months of work designing the prototype. sourcing suppliers and materials, negotiating contracts, writing a business plan, obtaining financing.

You then start work on writing the installation manual, preliminary marketing, web site design.

You do your first production run and have to figure out how to take orders and get paid, package your product and ship your product etc. etc. etc.

You enlist the help of a community to market, test and improve your early speakers (that community is us)

You work hard for many months with great financial risk to further improve your design with the feedback of the community and solve any problems that users may have.

One day you see a post from someone that states that they think all your hard work and risk isn't worth anything and that they want to copy your speakers for themselves. They then ask for the help of the community to do just that.

How would this make you feel?

By the way. I know that Pablo worked hard to create his own unique Avatar for the forums. You seem to be using the same one. Did you ask for permission?

If you didn't get permission then that is theft too.
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