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Default Re: From CA, fist post her

I noted there are 20 inch pulleys available too, if sheave needs to be bigger. I planned on taking one of those sprocket mounts that clamp around the axle housing on rear, bolt on larger chain and mount a sheave or larger pulley to a plate that can be bolted, welded or brazed to a larger sprocket. I'm trying to make drive train from clutch to sheave without using a jackshaft, if at all possible. I recall using jackshaft on one mini bike and one kart, and seated an extra 4-5 inch pulley on shaft. Found appropriate sized belt, used cut short piece of aluminum C channel, put on end of pulley and put bolt through channel. One end bolted to chassis, and other end to a cable, actuated with a bike brake lever, that would pull on vbelt around extra pulley. Worked pretty well. All my projects were made with paper route money, so funds were pretty lows. Gas lever for my 20" low rider mini bike was a brake lever, cut off 2/3 handle, cut slot in remaining piece, and soldered a large washer. Put finger through washer, and that was my throttle. I looked last night for the 20 inch Sportster sheave for the whizzer, that was sold out in the only place I could find one. 20" inch bike rim, likely narrowest available and how would it connect to a 26 inch rim? Thanks for welcoming me here.
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