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Default Re: What the heck is this

Originally Posted by ZipTie View Post
Very cool build KC, Darn that motor is really wide! Looking forward to you trying out the electric starter.
Does it start with one pull?
One would think with somewhat high compression it wouldn't be super easy to pull start.
Wide but not really an issue on the Pantera frame.

I haven't tried the pull start, Joe does all the test riding so it was already running when I took my only ride, but it seems to work well and much preferable to bump start.

My second ride will be with the electric start, and lights, at night ;-}

That factory junction box looks like a very odd shape on a bike.
I would think if one transferred the guts into a round steel to mimic an oil tank of 4-5 inches in dia. with a removable cap, It would look pretty decent.
Absolutely Doable.
The CDI doesn't even need to be in a box, but note is a not standard CDI...
Well it might be, just with different mounts is all. The point is it mounts different.

You would just need something for the 2 electrical system parts and I have all kinds of 'somethings', this build was just 'use whats in the box' best I could to give it a fair evaluation.

Heck, if I was building it for myself it would be on a GT2 frame with a shift kit decked out with all kinds of uses for on-board 12V ;-}
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