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Default Re: Difference Between 2 Raw Motor Kits

Originally Posted by bluck View Post
Im actually trying not to cheap out trying to get the most reliable engine I can find that will not go over $240. Im only looking at the GT6 Pro because it looked like it was a good engine only due to the fact that it used to be valued at $380, and by no means is it cheap at the motor kit runs at $200. Im trying to spend that extra dollar to get decent performance and reliability. I was planning to get an engine from DAX but I read somewhere that he might be slacking on the engines as a couple of people were not getting exactly what they were promised. That is a good tip though I will check into it more I thought raw motors where a good trusted brand so I didn't think of them as cheap. Also was thinking of a Dragon Fire engine from BikeBerry.

Have you guys checked out the new Bullet Train Engine kit from BikeBerry:

I have tried looking it up here in these forums and I have not found anything at least when I used the search bar.

i didn't mean to come across as saying you were cheaping out i was just saying don't cheap out an do your research in order to buy the best you can find...........
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