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Default Re: Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

I know, it is sad that you don't have honour and valour like we do up here in the Frozen North. Maybe its because our Corn Flakes contain that secret "flocons de mais" ingredient, mentioned on the box? Maybe it is the toque we wear all winter?

We have just as much guns and religion up here, we just don't see it polite to talk about them. We tend to live 3 years longer than our friends to the south. Maybe it is the stronger beer, or that we drink more of it? Maybe its the health care system? Nobody makes meth to pay hospital bills up here. You just go to the hospital... and the pot is legal so why bother with meth?

So what's it like up here for you guys who haven't been?

http: Out for a Rip are ya Bud?

Yup, that's my crowd. We are an odd, paradoxical bunch us northerners. *<;-P
(drunk Canadian in a toque emoji)


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