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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Originally Posted by Roadkill View Post
Seriously.. Pedaling 10 miles a day is nothing NOTHING.. Unless you lost both feet or was shot in the foot or have plastic legs.. Then yeah..
Nah, pedaling is hard for me to get to bike 6 miles to work. I'd be sweating, then have to sit in an air-conditioned office with co-workers who think it's uncool to drink anything but bottled water.

Besides I'm 62 in good but not excellent health.

It's too much work and not enough fun to pedal six miles to work.

On days that I have to go to night school, I load my wife's 24-inch bike into my van and drive to work. Parking is really scarce, so I might have to park more than 1/4 mile from my office. so wherever I find parking, I unload the bike and pedal to my free bike parking(covered and secure) and walk down a flight of stairs to my office.(Either that or my son drops me off at work, then I walk three blocks to my college and someone picks me up after school. Too dangerous to ride my bike home at night.

Parking for all two-wheeled vehicles are free, whereas car owners pay from $48-$81/month
to park. Either that or they come to work early and look for limited street parking.

In a building w/more than 200 workers, two of us ride bikes to work. However,for the past two weeks I'm the only bikerider. (:

Riding my motorized bike to work is like a 25-minute carnival ride.

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