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Default Re: Rusty Shackleford

I ordered a twist grip from Amazon, but the cable is a little too short... continue reading for a hilarious story.

I installed said twist grip, but I had to flip the stem backwards so the handlebars are closer to the rear. Not a huge deal, since the frame is stretched anyway. I have plenty of room, don't worry!

So I back the bike out of the garage and had to make some tight turns to maneuver it to the sidewalk. In the process of making the turns, the throttle cable got stretched when I turned the handlebars to the left. Unfortunately, the collar on the end got snagged on the tube that the cable feeds in to on the carb. So now the cable is (unbeknownst to me) pulling the carb slide about half throttle.

Eager for a ride, I rip the cord... right off in to my hand. Fast forward half an hour and that's now fixed! Cue the music, drumroll please! I rip start ol' Rusty and she springs to LIFE! Straight in to an uncontrollable burnout on the sidewalk, pops a wheelie, and proceeds to ride that wheelie across my yard, and into a tree. Mind you, the gas tank is still that stupid mountain dew bottle, so gas is pouring out everywhere and the rear wheel is haulin' ass (upside down) until the bowl ran out of fuel and the engine shut itself off. All this happened while I stood there watching it. I had 2 thoughts cross my mind.
1) cool
2)look at all that torque!!

Nothing damaged, so I put more "mountain dew" in it and rip starting it again (with the cable properly seated, this time)

The first real ride was a pleasure!! So smooth. Such torque! That cvt is wonderful!

That is, until I gave it more than 1/4 throttle. It did not like that! I flipped the choke on, and it really responded. When I finally got home I drilled the main jet out to as big as I could. A size 61. I think that's still too lean. I need some numbered bits now (60-100), to complement my micro bit set.

Anyway, I'm happy. I'm very impressed with it!

Still looks the same, so no pictures. I need to iron out some kinks, then strip it for paint.

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