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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mogollonmonster View Post
So yesterday, I bought some gasket maker, needle files and a fresh pair of big girl panties, pulled my jug, and finally cleaned the slag out of my exhaust port.

A note to all fellow patrons of Ace hardware. General brand, carried by my local ace is junk. I wore out the round and half round files in no time at all. Either of the other two sets at my ranch would be untouched, these craptastic files are almost smooth after their battle with the best beer cans China has to offer. The handle and case that came with the set are of higher quality than the files.

Beyond all that, this was the first port work of any kind that I've ever undertaken. I hope I didn't screw anything up lol, I made sure to bevel the edges to avoid ring snag, and only made the opening of the port match the port itself.

I've got to remount the motor into Tanglebones and wait for the exhaust gasket sealer to set up. Stand by for testing.

It was probably the hard chroming that took out your files. Did you check the smoothness of the edge leading from the cylinder? It's possible that a burr from the filing could cause a problem with the ring after a while. Drawing Emory cloth from the inside of the cylinder out of the port will remove any possible burr. Work it from the bottom and from the top, breaking the edge.

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