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Default Re: 19 mph and love it

Originally Posted by Ilikeabikea View Post
Deacon what would you call a rebellious rebel?
I think that would be a Sunni if i were Muslim and not Baptist.

I spit in the face of the conformity of popular rebellion.

Ps I rode my bike today and discovered that it is truly a hybred.

I had to pedal ten strokes in five miles of riding. See some of us do our part to be green lol.

Riding the dirtiest engine in the world to save gas, now that is another case of quiet rebellion.

REMEMBER to drive carefully: the life you save might be the guy who owes me money.

Random thoughts from the padded room.... I think I need to start a thread called that lol....
My posts have entertainment value only. A bike ain't yours till it has your blood on it. Then it owns you.
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