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Default Re: Where & Who is the best kit dealer to buy from ?

I'm another Dax fan. He sticks by what he sells. It's rare he'd let a bad item ship out, but if it happens, you just call him. Everything he sent me was good. But I've heard from others that he actually seems to care about his reputation, and will work with you if there ever is a problem. I should also note: the engine on the bike in my avatar is one of Dax's from 2010. I've upgraded a thing or two over the years. I had to get a new RT carb after the accident. But that engine's run well for six years now. That's not too shabby. He's my primary go-to source.
Sales come and go, and a diligent searcher can always find something cheaper someplace else, but a vendor who will stick around and serve you is worth the few extra bucks you might pay. Good service means that, one way or another, they'll make sure you get all that you've paid for, and sometimes a bit more.

PS: Another place, to get quality upgrade parts mostly, is SBP - Sick Bike Parts. Both That's Dax and SBP advertise along the sides of this very site. Easy to check 'em out.

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