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Default First ride today

Got to ride my Micargi Huntington beach cruiser with the Gasbike GT80. Impressive! Used a 32:1 mix of Echo Power Blend xtended life motor oil and 100% 92 octane gas. Ran it up to what I judged to be about 30 mph couple of times and let off. Engine was still not fully let out. The 40 tooth rear sprocket works well but I might try a 36 or 38 tooth to keep the engine R's down at cruising speed. I give it 3 strokes of the peddles,let out the clutch and I'm off and running. The only problem I had with the kit was the engine sprocket. The chain would not roll through it, It actually got stuck in it and I had to pry it out with a screwdriver. I dressed the leading and trailing edges of the teeth with a dremel and stone and got it to work. I called Gasbike and told them the problem. Alex at Gasbike sent me a replacement chain and engine drive sprocket,express 2 day delivery. I did have to tweek the idle slightly. I raised the main jet needle all the way up to let her run rich during break in. I'm 72 years old and haven't been on a 2 wheel vehicle since the 1980's When I sold my GL1000. I've rode all sorts of bikes down through the years 2 and 4 strokes. Built a few high performance and repaired more than a few. My next project is a 212cc predator gas bike kit and now my wife wants a gas motor tricycle. LOL!
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