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Default Re: Where & Who is the best kit dealer to buy from ?

Originally Posted by Sam90lx View Post
I think Cheez and Bekits are the same motors if I'm not mistaken.
This is correct, Cheez simply assembled his motors himself, whereas BeKits does not. You get usual factory crapshoot.
Unfortunately, Cheez is no longer selling motor kits due to personal issues.
BeKits has the same excellent PK80 engines with good jugs, better balance 40mm cranks and overall better quality. Last four I bought were fantastic right out of the box.

But I would strongly suggest you buy it unassembled to be sure of getting a decent motor. I saw with my own eyes two brand new engines from BeKits with cranks bent so badly they scraped cases. When buyer asked for replacement, he was told no.
The reason I bought from Cheez was his personal attention, and you can't get that now. I'd make sure to talk to Joe first if possible, otherwise you're liable to get a factory kit with the usual possibility of shoddy assembly.
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