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Default Re: OK, absolute newb here.......

"Consider the weight. You want to avoid towing behind your RV, that means lifting. A ChinaGirl KIT ships at 25lbs, add weight of bike and sleep on it. Tanglebones weighs 55lbs. I can't quote fourstroke weights....but, two strokes are renowned for higher power to weight ratios, twos are lighter for a given engine size (typically)"

I know a good welder/fitter. Used to be one myself years ago. Now I just design what I want and have my buddy do it. I help with the fabricating but he does the welds. Not worried about weight because I'm planning on customizing one of those cargo racks that slip into a hitch receiver with either a set of ramps out of "C" channel. Or maybe just one movable one. Another reason why I might lean towards steel. He also builds custom motorcycles. I can design some gussets( frame strengthening ) and motormounts and have him weld them on. That way I don't have to use one of those bolt on racks. Won't have to worry about it vibrating loose. Just bolt and Loctite onto the frame and go!

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